20 Family Members That Look Like Twins, But Are Actually Separated By Decades

There are no two people on Earth who look exactly alike. Even identical twins have features unique from one another. But among the family members below, the DNA runs strong!

Each of the images below is a side-by-side comparison of two photos taken years apart– although you’d never guess it. Whether it’s a child and her great-aunt when she was her age or a father and son, the resemblances are uncanny.

1. This adorable picture of a grandmother next her granddaughter shows off their matching button noses, crescent-shaped eyes, and the perfect little matching ringlets in their hair.

2. Twenty years passed in between these photos of a mother and her daughter. They have the same adorable smile, complete with missing teeth.

3. Again with the adorably cute matching smiles! This time featuring father and daughter.

4. The only differences here between mother and daughter is that mom’s hairstyle thankfully did not last through the years.

5. This mother and daughter comparison is so similar, it’s hard to think both pictures are not of the same little girl.

6. This father and daughter are basically the same exact person.

7. The photo on the left was taken in 1917. The photo on the right is of his great-great-grandson in 1995.

8. This half-and-half comparison shows mom and her son looking exactly alike!

9. Grandmother and granddaughter look totally identical– and angelic!

10. From the beard to the smile to the matching vests, this father/son duo could be twins!

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