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20 Family Members That Look Like Twins, But Are Actually Separated By Decades

11. This father and daughter have the exact same eyebrows!

12. This is either a father and son or a time traveler!

13. This mother and daughter even have matching outfits!

14. Speaking of matching outfits, this father and son have everything from their clothes to their poses perfectly on point.

15. This mother and daughter duo are just stunning in a dress that fits them both.

16. Beards and long hair have always been in style for this father and son.

17. There’s a striking resemblance between this mother and her firstborn and her daughter holding her firstborn several years later.

18. The identical wide-eyed expressions of this father and son are hilarious!

19. Mom and daughter’s yearbook photos at the same age… Incredible!

20. The only thing missing from the right photo is the glasses!

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