Keep Your Eye On What The Twin In Pink Does After Dad Puts Them Next To Each Other

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There’s no denying that twins share a special bond. More often than not, at least when they’re very young, they even speak their own language!

Twins are closer than most brothers and sisters because they’ve literally shared their entire lives together together. It’s not so surprising that they’re closer than regular brothers and sisters, though twins are also known to fight like regular siblings.

The following video depicts these young twins and their special connection. The video clip, which was filmed by their parents, depicts their intrinsically deep connection, which is especially remarkable for infants. They’re also speaking — er, babbling — their own language, and nobody else understands their secret, undecipherable code.

Nevertheless, twins can still develop rivalries just like regular siblings, especially because they’re so close in age. Twins will occasionally fight to be the “better one,” according to British website Twins UK, despite their underlying bond. That’s why it’s so important that parents shower twins – just as they should all of their children — with equal amounts of love and attention.

Regardless, the twins in the following clip, Merle and Stijn, aren’t worried about besting each other just yet. For now, they’re content to “speak” to each other in their own special language, which certainly sounds like a foreign tongue to their parents.

Such “twin speak” can extend into their childhood years – or longer — though it will generally be discarded when these babies actually learn to speak english. Regardless, let us know if you understand what these little cuties are saying!

Watch these adorable twins “speak” their own language in the video below!

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