Toddler Is BFFs With A Giant Bunny

Fact: We will always cherish the memories we made with our first pets. Whether your first pet was a goldfish you won at a carnival, a big fluffy dog who let you ride around on him like a horse, or a cuddly little kitten who would never leave your side, chances are, you hold a very special place in your heart for them.

Lindsay Koelling wanted her daughter to experience the sheer joy of owning her first pet, so for her daughter’s second birthday, the stay-at-home mom bought Macy a big brown continental giant bunny named Cocoa Puff.

OK, first of all, A+ on the stellar name choice. Second, they were NOT kidding about the “giant” part when whoever named the breed decided to call it “continental giant.”

Anyway, that was over a year ago, and the pair have been inseparable since.

Lindsay told Caters News that the pair do everything together, which includes playing with toys, playing in the garden, and watching all Macy’s favorite TV shows.

“Cocoa Puff has always been wonderful with children, he loves being where the action is and is super patient and calm, making him a great family pet,” she said. “Macy and Cocoa Puff have always had a special bond, they are always together.”

Everyone together now: Aww!

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