I Never Thought I Wanted To Live In A Granny Pod Until I Saw These Photos

This story originally appeared at American Web Media.

Granny pods might sound hopelessly high-tech, but they’re actually a practical DIY option that can be easily installed in your own backyard.

Phasing senior parents into assisted living is always a challenge, and not only because it involves sorting through piles of their personal possessions and saying goodbye to your childhood home. Finding a suitable nursing home can also be daunting. The best options tend to be very expensive, the worst are rife with abuse.

Such concerns have led growing numbers of seniors reconsider the Granny Pod, which is sort of like a freestanding mother-in-law apartment that can be easily installed in your adult son or daughter’s back yard.

Not only can Granny Pods save your family a bundle on senior living, they’re much cheaper than installing an actual mother-in-law apartment. Growing older isn’t easy, especially as your social circle starts falling away.

Granny Pods are a clever way to cut back on expenses and keep loved ones close — but not too close. Granny Pods offer slightly more space than the typical mother-in-law apartment, though this obviously depends on the size of your yard!

Regardless, Granny Pods present another option for seniors with home-owning adult children. Sharing a yard with your loved ones could help abate medical and childcare emergencies, and it’s definitely a great way to re-connect with your adult children and grandkids.

Like everything in life, Granny Pods greatly depend on your family situation and budget, but growing numbers of seniors are finding them a preferable alternative to the traditional house or nursing home. What do you think? Could you ever live in a home this small?

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