Divorced Mom Is About To Take Kids On Vacation. Then Son Sees Dad Walking To Them At The Airport

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Everything changes when parents get divorced – including the holiday calendar. And even though Laura and her ex-husband separated amicably, eight years of shuffling between households and embarking on family vacations with alternating parents still felt strange to 11-year-old Darcie and 9-year-old Callum.

Regardless, the kids were very excited about an upcoming holiday to Cyprus, even though their father unfortunately wouldn’t be joining them this time around. Callum, in particular, was so excited for a change of pace that he veritably rushed through the crowded airport to find his gate.

But though the airport was filled with people, one face looked especially familiar. Callum stopped dead in his tracks when he saw his father emerge from the crowds. Both children were truly amazed — albeit a little confused — to see Dad, particularly because they’d already said their good-byes.

After a round of surprised hugs, the kids demanded to know what their dad was doing at the airport. The young pair was about to find out they had another surprise in store.

As it turned out, Callum and Darcie’s Dad would also be traveling with them to Cyprus. The co-parents had noticed their kids’ struggle to adapt to their new living arrangements — which included their parents dating other people — and decided to reward them with an old-style family vacation.

Because Laura and her ex had split when Callum was only one year old, neither child actually remembered traveling as a quartet, but the idea was still overwhelming. Both kids burst into tears of joy at the thought of their long-time dream coming true.

“As parents, seeing our children upset is hard,” Laura told Newsflare, adding that she and her ex, who had been planning this holiday in secret for months, just wanted to make their children happy. “Co-parenting is hard for many people,” she said, “but we are proud of what we have achieved with bringing our children up.”

Regardless, we applaud Laura and her husband for being such amazing parents, even if their actual marriage didn’t last. Divorces are hard, but we’re certainly inspired to see Laura and her ex make the best of a difficult situation on behalf of their family.

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