New Bride Has Her Wedding Dress Cut Up Into 17 Pieces. Husband Can’t Believe His Eyes

This story originally appeared at American Web Media.

Weddings depend on myriad details coming together, but the key detail is always the bridal dress. As such, women put months of care and attention into finding the perfect gown.

But despite the painstaking effort to find the perfect dress, said apparel is generally doomed to languish in the new bride’s closet post-event. Few brides ever find another good reason to bring out their wedding dress, unless they plan to pass it on to their children. This seems like a waste considering the painstaking effort — and cost — that went into finding the perfect gown in the first place!

Justi Boroff recognized this quandary when she met and married her new beau – and vowed to put her beautiful new investment to good use.

That’s why Boroff, just one day after saying “I do,” cut her wedding dress into 17 pieces. And, no — this wasn’t the act of some jilted bride, but rather a desire to share the love and beauty of her big day with other families.

The new bride sent the scraps to a Colorado seamstress, Sandi Fasano, who in turn transformed them into something truly special.

“I sent it off earlier this year to be made into angel gowns for babies that don’t make it home from the hospital,” said Boroff, who will be donating all 17 dresses to Vanderbuilt’s NICU. “Seventeen little gowns were made from my dress and as beautiful as they are, I pray they are never needed.”

Fasano, in turn, described their objective to Denver 7. “The last thing a family needs to do is go to a toy store and find doll clothes,” she says, describing this project as an emotional act that nevertheless benefits the greater good.

“I have 7 beautiful grandchildren and in a perfect world, without loss, there would be more,” she said, describing this effort as a creative way to honor her grandchildren. By transforming wedding dresses into angel dresses, Sandi is helping families celebrate their departed child’s innocence and beauty.

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