Struggling Great Granny Sobs When She Sees Change On Rent

Ms. Ella is a 72-year-old military widow from Las Vegas who’s raising six children all by herself. Yep… as if raising her own children and several grandchildren wasn’t enough, this incredible caregiver is spending her precious golden years cooking for, cleaning up after, and teaching her six great-grandchildren on her own.

Though the circumstances surrounding their situation are unclear, what we do know is that Ms. Ella stepped in for these young siblings when no one else could. She rescued them from a bad situation and gave them a loving, supportive home.

However, Ms. Ella’s house had been falling into disrepair, and she struggled to pay the rent and keep food on the table.

“Can you imagine the stress this poor woman is under at that age?” one commenter wrote on YouTube. “Every day she must ask God to keep her alive one more day so that those children don’t have to go to foster care if she dies.”

This past holiday season, Ms. Ella assumed Christmas was out of the question. How on earth would she be able to buy gifts and make things festive for her great-grandkids?!

Meanwhile, Ms. Alice — Ella’s best friend who lives in another state — was worried about her and came up with a secret plan.

Ms. Ella had no clue that Alice had contacted the Fox5 Surprise Squad. A slew of unexpected kindness was about to show up on her doorstep unannounced.

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