Dad Goes To Costco For The First Time Ever, Comes Home Flipping Out

When TJ Musto got a call from his dad, Tom, he knew he was in for an entertaining afternoon.

“Hey, so you ever heard of a place called Costco?” his dad asked him in earnest.

“It’s incredible here!”

Yes, TJ had heard of Costco before. He told is dad that practically everyone knows about the big-box discount chain. But for Tom, it was like opening up a whole new world.

The doting dad from Los Angeles needed to go to the store to prepare for a big Sunday dinner. One of Tom’s friends suggested they shop at Costco and score some good deals.

Tom, not knowing what he was in for, could not believe the prices.

Upon his return home from his first Costco trip, Tom dumped all his groceries out on the kitchen counter and unleashed his excitement.

Tom spent $75 on an array of items he says would’ve otherwise cost much more at his local supermarket — from a giant bag of pistachios that only cost him nine dollars to a large package of $8 sausages.

TJ posted the hilarious clip of his dad on Twitter where it quickly went viral with 500,000 likes. In fact, Tom has been dubbed the “hot Costco dad.”

Tom, 49, is now planning on getting his very own Costco membership.

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