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Woman Accidentally Texts Wrong Number Asking For Advice On Dress, Ends Up Changing Man’s Life

Twitter, like the rest of social media, can either be a place of false news, click-bait, and fear-mongering, or it can be a place where people from all walks of life come together and actually do some good for humankind. Sometimes it seems like the former is all we see anymore, but every once in a while, the latter pops up and it almost feels like a balancing of the cosmic scales. People tend to think the connections made online are someone inherently shallow and fake, but as one little boy and his family found out via a text to the wrong number, people can surprise you!

It all started in with a very human situation – someone sent a text to the wrong number. Now, this wasn’t just any text, it was a photo of a dress that was incorrectly sent to a father of six. This young woman, Syd, was shopping for formal dresses when she had her mother snap some pictures to send to a close friend for some feedback. Gorgeous, right? But still, embarrassing to send to the wrong number!


But, as the story goes, Syd’s mom put in the wrong phone number and the images were sent to a guy named Tony. Tony is a proud father of six. Here’s what this kindhearted dad had to say:


As if that weren’t sweet enough, Tony took things a step further and got the kiddos to pose for a super adorable “thumbs-up” photo to show their support!


Syd’s friend, Mandi (probably the intended recipient of the text) promptly posted the cute text exchange on Twitter, and the post went viral, for obvious reasons.


Someone on Twitter did some digging into the dad and his pack of children and stumbled upon a fundraising page for one of the kids. It turns out there was one son missing from the “thumbs-up” photo. Kaizler, the second to youngest of Tony’s sons, was suffering from leukemia and the family needed some help paying medical bills.


One thing led to another, and the word got out to Tony, who had this to say in response.


As of this writing, over $16,000 has been raised for Kaizler’s treatment! This was cause for much celebration, as is noted by the precious photo taken below.


How amazing is that? With all the bad stuff we see online day in and day out, it’s things like this that would restore anyone’s faith in the kindness of the human spirit. Share this story with anyone in need of some uplifting news today!

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