The Worst Photos Ever Taken By Real Estate Agents

If you’ve ever gone through the process of selling your house, you are probably all too familiar with all of the details and headache-inducing problems that seem to crop up all over the place. One problem you’ve probably never had to think about before is the photos. Sure, you want to make sure the photos the real estate agent puts up online are nice, and the agent may even stage the room and request different furniture or a new coat of paint.

But these photos really take things to the next level.

Just take a look at some of these. Who looked at this photo and decided, “Yup, this is a shot that will surely motivate someone to purchase a house with a pool?”

Even more appalling is whoever took the first photo – with an actual pig in it. Sure, we’ve heard the term, “pigsty” before, but this really ups the ante. Not to mention the room appears to be in total disrepair. Could they not be bothered to pick things up a bit? At the very least, remove the laundry drying on the weird makeshift pole hanging from the ceiling!

Now here’s an interesting photo. It looks almost artistic – maybe an still life assignment for a photography class. That is, until you realize it’s just a bunch of fire extinguishers in the corner. What’s the point of including this photo? Bragging about the abundance of fire extinguishers you get with the house? It’d probably be more impressive if the fire extinguishers were put away in the proper areas so that they could be useful in case of an actual fire.

This is actually impressive, if not a little bit terrifying. Understandably, the real estate agent probably didn’t want to go back into the room to take another photo, but still… You have to wonder what they were thinking to include this picture in the first place!

If you enjoyed the above photos, go ahead and see more in the funny video below!

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