Police Dog Monument Is Made Entirely Out Of Seized Knives And Blades

A new monument in Worchester has been unveiled to honor police dogs. They used knives and decommissioned guns that were seized from criminals to create the entire sculpture.

The statue was created to recognize the ‘loyalty and service’ of the West Mercia Police canines. It stands outside of its headquarters in Hindlip.

Sculptors at the British Ironworks Centre, Oswestry created the sculpture free of charge and donated it to the police department. The police said it was ‘an incredible reminder of the hard work, dedication, and bravery of the dogs’.

Included in the sculpture are blades and weapons left over after Knife Angel was created. That 26-foot high statue is a tribute to knife crime victims. Also included in the statue are canine ID tags, dog bowls, and whistles.

In April, the unveiling of a national police dog Memorial took place in Essex. The statue in Worchester, however, is unique according to the British Ironwork Centre.

“It will be the first one that’s ever been created using weapons and blades,” said Clive Knowles, chairman at the center.

Many police dogs and their human handlers, including Bacca, a retired police dog, and his former handler, Mike Davey were at the unveiling.

A top bravery award was given to Bacca in July after he defended Mr. Davey from an armed assailant carrying a knife. Bacca suffered stab wounds during the altercation.

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