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Woman Having Panic Attack Captures Moment Service Dog Springs Into Action

Panic Attack Service Dog

Service dogs are trained to care for a wide range of needs for their owners. From helping the visually impaired to calming individuals with autism and even dialing 911, a service dog can give new life to individuals with all kinds of needs. A service dog can also be trained to calm anxiety, as Oakley, service dog to Amber Aquart, offers. Amber suffers from panic attacks, so when he Oakley detects changes in Amber’s breathing patterns and body temperature, he can help her anticipate and calm her breakdown.

Amber was in an airport last month when her service dog, Oakley, sprang into action. He detected Amber’s panic attack right away, with special techniques that enable the service dog to help his ailing owner.

“He has been taught to break my hands apart and away from my face and is supposed to encourage me to put my hands and even face on him – which calms me down. I think he did an excellent job!”

Amber had already experienced several panic attacks that day and knew another would be coming, so she set up her camera to capture Oakley’s response. The video shows how Amber’s panic attack begins and how Oakley’s training kicks in. He jumps to his feet, then comes face to face with Amber. He starts to lick and nuzzle her in an effort to encourage Amber to instead touch and pet his head.

Amber wraps her arms around Oakley’s neck and places her head on the dog’s shoulder. Oakley’s training has helped Amber work her way through her panic attack. Even when it appears that Amber’s panic attack still has not subsided, the video shows how Oakley remains vigilant in his persistence.

Panic Attack Service Dog 2

“There is so much to say on this matter, but I will just leave this video here for you to see for yourself. Sharing this video and these things make me vulnerable, but I’m sharing them with you so you can see how this dog has changed my life.”


Amber has been a professional dog trainer for the last seven years, and he’s used those skills to teach Oakley the signs and symptoms of her anxiety attacks to teach him how to respond. His calming presence has proven to be invaluable, in airports, crowded places, even in smaller circumstances where Amber feels anxious.

Watch Oakley’s training in action and help Amber and others who use service dogs show how invaluable these pets are to their health and well-being!

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