New York’s Oldest Witchcraft Store Is Still Casting Spells After 37 Years

Like something out of Diagon Alley, Enchantments in NYC is a unique store where you can go for all your spell casting needs. The quaint little magic shop has been around since 1982, and according to The Guardian, when you first enter the shop, you can find an employee sitting on a stool underneath a “The Witch Is In” sign. Enchantments is owned and run by Stacy Rapp, and there’s a variety of things on sale at the store.

Their most popular item in the store is the carved candle. It’s a best-seller. In fact, their website states, “One of our most popular products is our custom carved candles. These are 7-day pillar candles in a glass jar. We carve them with magical symbols and your name and astrological sign, anoint them with the appropriate oil and rub metal glitter into the carvings to define them. We place a small offering of honey, iron filings and incense into the jar before replacing the candle. The candles are a complete spell that you use as a tool to help manifest your intention.”

There are uncrossing candles which are specifically carved in order to remove a block in luck or life, and they can be carved for every purpose from love to money. If that’s not exactly what you’re looking for, you can surely find something amongst the host of other items. There’s an apothecary section where you can find things like mugwort and rosehips. There’s also an entire binder of custom oils, plenty of different incenses to try, or a large collection of books. Apparently, the second best-selling item in the store are books on the occult. Enchantments also has a variety of tarot cards to choose from, in addition to a jewelry section, which has plenty of occult items in silver, as well as statuettes of different gods and goddesses. The shop is a provider of supplies for anyone looking to perform a spell, but according to the owner, Enchantments is strictly a seller of supplies for good magic only.

If you’re not a believer in the occult or are unfamiliar, Stacy says that the best way to think about spell-casting is simply sending out positive energy to the universe. As reported by Entrepreneur, Stacy assures that “this is not Harry Potter. A spell is a tool to help you focus your energy toward a specific goal while asking for help from the universe. It’s not about making things happen. It’s about working with what you have and magnifying the positive things in your life.”

As charming as everything sounds, not everyone is happy with the store and its contents. According to Rapp, she’s received her fair share of criticism – with people saying the employees at Enchantments are going to hell or are in cahoots with the devil. Rapp, the pink-haired witch, has even had men propose to her in order to “save her soul” following an article that came out a few years ago about her store.

Rapp told The Guardian, “I was young back then.”

“There is no listing for witchcraft stores on Yelp,” She added, pointing out that people needed to look a bit more in order to find the store.

So, with Halloween, just a few months around the corner now might be the perfect time to get into the witchy spirit with a trip to Enchantments.

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