Brilliant Ways To Use Wire Hangers Around The House

Some people have an aversion to wire hangers, but we found a few great reasons to always keep some around! These hanger hacks are awesome and practical. Who knew wire hangers could help you clean, stay organized, and even be used as decorations? Keep reading to see our list of hanger ideas!

1. Flip-Flop Hanger

Wire hangers aren’t just for clothes! With a few simple bends, you can make this nifty hanger for your flip flops, or other shoes.

2. Magazine Wrack

What a great idea for the bathroom or kitchen! you can use this in the bathroom to have easy access to reading materials, or put it up in the kitchen to hold your cookbooks.

3. Plant Hanger

This project is one of our favorites. We’re always looking for new plant holders, and what better way to recycle an old hanger than to use it for something like this.

4. Ribbon Organizer

If your craft room looks anything like ours, then you can probably use all the help you can get when it comes to organizing things. That’s what this project is all about!

5. Wreath

Isn’t this wreath adorable? The best part is, it comes with its own hanger

Watch the video below for even more clever ways to use wire hangers!

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