‘Ring For More Wine’ Glass Has A Built In Bell

If you are anything like us, wine is the way to your heart. It is the best love language in the whole world. Whether you are a fancy pants wine drinker or you are a supermarket wine connoisseur, we can all agree on this. You have probably seen the major uptick in wine-related gizmos, too. We are fans of the wine glasses that have cheeky slogans on them.

However, there is a new wine glass on the market that blows all of these away. They stand out from the usual crowd. These are the “Ring For More Wine” glasses, and we are head over heels in love already.

Photo: Amazon

The glasses come with a fully functional bell, so you can let the world know when you are on empty. This is a great gift for your wine-loving significant other or friends. Just imagine how awesome it will be to soak in the tub and simply ring the glass when you are ready for a refill.

At least, that’s the idea. It doesn’t come with a guarantee that someone will actually come and refill your wine glass. We’ll leave you to figure out that one.

Photo: Amazon

These glasses can be found for all of $15 at your local Bed, Bath and Beyond. Those who are members of the Beyond + club can take home the glass for just $12. This is not a bad deal at all.

You are getting an amazing wine glass AND an excellent conversation piece. Of all of the funny wine glasses that we have seen, this one definitely takes the cake.

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