Why People Are Avoiding Rotisserie Chickens From Walmart

Walmart is such a convenient place to shop at. They have everything from clothes to household items, and everything in between. Whether you choose to do your weekly grocery shopping there, or happen to swing by for a few things after work, chances are, you can surely find whatever it is you’re looking for. One of the more popular quick dinner options is rotisserie chicken. It’s already seasoned, cooked, and all warmed up! Just grab a few side dishes, and dinner is already prepared! What could be easier? As convenient as it may be, you might want to think twice before grabbing a rotisserie chicken from Walmart. Here’s why!

How Much You’re Getting

Sure, the price tag is nice to look at – $4.99 at regular price, and sometimes as low as $3.50 if they are on clearance. However, take a look at what you’re really getting. Just over a pound of meat. 1.3 pounds, to be exact. Believe it or not, Sam’s Club, although owned by Walmart, sells rotisserie chickens that are around 3 pounds, for the exact same price. Costco also sells 3-pound rotisserie chickens, for just a penny more. So, if you’re looking for an even better deal on your quick dinner plans, head over to one of the warehouse stores to get the most bang for your buck.

Sodium Content

Despite being less than half the weight of other rotisserie chickens, the Walmart chicken packs a whopping 690mg of sodium per serving. One serving is about a quarter of the chicken. Compare that to 550mg of sodium from Sam’s Club chicken, and 460mg of sodium from Costco chicken. If you’re really concerned about your sodium intake, you might want to consider getting your rotisserie chicken from Whole Foods. While it won’t beat the $4.99 price tag, the sodium contend comes in just over 250mg.

See what others are saying about Walmart rotisserie chicken in the video below!

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