A Restaurant In NYC Is Serving A ‘Watermelon Steak’ That Looks Just Like Real Meat

2020 is the year of the vegan! Many people are switching their diets whether it be for the month of January or a complete lifestyle change.

Even if you decided to stay an omnivore, this restaurant in New York City is offering up watermelon that’s cooked just like a ham, and people are losing their minds.

The dish first went viral back in 2018 but has since made the rounds on social media again.

Ducks Eatery makes the extremely popular dish that, according to the eatery, requires a reservation up to a week in advance just to try it out.

It may sound a little excessive, but the restaurant needs a couple of days to make each dish. Buzzfeed reports that each watermelon “ham” is smoked for eight hours and then marinated in a brine that includes salt, spice, and ashes for four days.

It kind of looks like a sliced up steak:

I had no idea that watermelon could look like this:

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Get it while it’s hot! (…and in season!)

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But not everyone is a fan…

Check out the video below to learn more:

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