20 Hilarious Photos Of A Walmart Employee “Advertising” Store Products With A Frown

Retail work isn’t typically considered fun — unless you’re Charlene Mull.

The Maryland Walmart employee may not smile easily, but that doesn’t mean she isn’t having a blast at her job. Her antics have amassed quite the following on her store’s Facebook page, where she puts a hilarious spin on advertising everyday products. Here are 20 of the best Charlene posts.

1. Got milk?

2. How about copious amounts of cabbage?

3. Sure, Charlene enjoys countless bags of Fritos…

4. …but she never misses a day of cardio.

5. Beauty sleep is also a must for this young lady — or should we say baby?

6. Oh, and she loves hugs. Absolutely adores them.

7. In fact, Charlene’s love for hugs is only matched by her enthusiasm for fulfilling online orders.

8. Fun fact: Before Walmart, Charlene was a tire model.

9. Another fact: Her hygiene is impeccable.

10. But what makes her such a great employee is her work ethic.

11. Seriously, the woman is on her feet all day!

12. Clearly, she deserves a vacation, though she’ll never take one!

13. All jokes aside, Charlene is an employee you can count on, no matter the season.

14. Through rain and snow, she always shows up when she’s needed.

15. She’s the friend who will make you hot cocoa with marshmallows when you’re sad…

16. …and cheer beside you on game day.

17. Don’t have a special someone to share Valentine’s day with? She has you covered.

18. She’ll even go the extra mile and bring you flowers.

19. And if you’re lucky, she might even grace you with the hint of a smile.

20. Everyone should have a gem like Charlene in their life. As one fan put it, “Pack her up and send her to my house please!”

What a woman. For someone who hardly ever smiles, she’s sure spreading them like wildfire! Now that you’ve joined us in falling head over heels for Charlene, be sure to keep up with her on Facebook!

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