Inside One of the Busiest Ghost Towns Around

Virginia City, Nevada, long ago lost most of its residents. The mining town had a boom in the late 1800s and then the silver mines all dried up, leaving the area largely empty. Out there in the desert, there wasn’t much to attract newcomers once the mines were out of business. Virginia City was actually the first American locale to be discovered to have large deposits of silver (known as the Comstock Lode), but it couldn’t last forever.

Despite the mass exodus in the 1870s-80s, the town still holds enough residents to run the ghost town as a tourist attraction. Some have been raised there, while others simply love history and have made it their home. Approximately 2 million tourists travel to Virginia City each year, while the humble town itself only boasts about 900 residents! By the way, this Virginia City ghost town is not be confused with a location of the same name (and similar history) in Montana. Have a closer look at the fascinating Nevada town in the video below.

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