See How These Vintage Postcard Locations Look Today!

When we’re going through our day to day life, it can be hard to notice the change around us. Whether it’s the neighborhood we’re living in, the job we’re toiling away at, even how our kids are growing up right before our eyes. We know on some level that these things are happening, but it can be hard to step back and appreciate it at the moment. When we see side by side comparisons, however, it really brings things into perspective. Here is an example of just that – how change may be gradual, but it really hits us all too soon! Here is an updated look at these famous locations. You might be surprised at what changed and what stayed the same.

Beverly Hills Holiday Inn (1960s)

While still a hotel, this building is now a Hotel Sixty instead of Holiday Inn. The restaurant underneath is an art deco inspired place called Caulfield’s.

Old South Meeting House (1900s)

The church pictured above is where the Boston Tea Party first gathered. As you can see, the church is still in tact, but it is surrounded by a few more modern stores and conviniences.

Brown Derby Beverly Hills (1940s)

While the store is completely different, the building itself tips its hat to the past with the brown dome on top.

Disneyland Hotel Entrance (1960s)

The sign has been taken down, but the monorail remains!

Coney Island Cyclone (1940s)

There’s a lot less flash around Coney Island, but it’s still one of the most popular attractions in Brooklyn.

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