Do You Know What These Vintage Kitchen Gadgets Are Used For?

There have been many wonderful innovations in the last 100 years, especially when it comes to kitchen appliances and gadgets. Take the Instant Pot, for example, or it’s predecessor, the crock pot.

However, sometimes the simpler the better. Here we have a few simple, vintage kitchen gadgets that helped make every day meals that much easier to prepare. How many of these do you remember?

If you’ve ever made pies with your grandma, you’ll probably recognize this pie crust roller! This is simply a metal wheel with designs etched on the side so you can roll it over the edge of the crust and stamp a pretty design on the edge!

The tool below might look a little sinister, but it’s actually just a jar opener. It only has three sizes, and the biggest size wouldn’t be nearly big enough for most modern day jars. However, it’s surprisingly effective! Go ahead and watch the video below to see more vintage kitchen gadgets and how the work!

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