There’s A Magical Little Town In The Netherlands With No Roads Or Cars

If you have been considering getting away from it all, you may just want to set your sights on the tiny village in Holland of Giethoorn. When you see pictures and hear the description, you may think that it is like stepping back into a fairytale. After all, there are no cars and no roads. To get around, villagers use cycles and boats because the entire community is located on a canal system.

Perhaps that is why Giethoorn is sometimes referred to as the ‘Venice of Holland’. You’ll have to travel about 75 miles from Amsterdam to the province of Overijssel to find this unique village. It is known as being a peaceful, tranquil location that provides all of the charm you could possibly need. A number of small islands linked by bridges make up Giethoorn. 2,260 people call the location home.

According to TheHeartySoul, the residents live in a world that is made up of footbridges and farmhouses with thatched rooms.

Geytenhoren, or goat horn, comes from the wild goat horn collection found in the village. It was located by the farmer-settlers and it is thought that the flood of 1170 killed the goats that left the horns behind.

Even though that flood has been many years ago, water continues to define the village in a very unique way.

After arriving at the village, you park in the village center and strike out on foot, or by canoe or bike. It is becoming quite a tourist attraction and the locals have a source of income as a result.

They guide the tourists around the area on rowboats and canoes. Since there are no motor vehicles, you really get to hear nature.

For those who are considering visiting Giethoorn, you will have to get to your house on a footbridge and use a waterway to get down the street. You can relax while rowing through the canals or you can rent a motorboat in the village. A canal cruise is a great way to see the area through the eyes of a local guide.

You might also want to try cycling because there are plenty of bicycle trails. One other popular pastimes among the tourists is fishing or visiting the museum to check out the history and artifacts.

There is plenty of green space and exotic birds in the town. Your experience doesn’t have to be the same experience as the other tourists, if you go in April, May, June, or September, you can avoid the crowds.

Showing up in the middle of the week may also help. Try some of the culinary treats at the restaurants along the edge of the water.

Other interesting towns are also in the area where you can locate historic buildings, a castle, and ancient churches. The National Park De Weerribben-Wieden is also located nearby to Giethoorn and you will find plenty of wildlife according to National Geographic. Don’t forget that Giethoorn is a great place for a wedding or a romantic getaway.

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