Gorgeous Hairstyles Worn By Viking Women

Like art and fashion, hairstyles are very indicative of their time period. From the intricate hairstyles and wigs of the Victorian era to the cropped hair of the 1920s, each style represented some of the larger issues going on during that time.

While the Vikings were known as explorers and conquerors, they also had a robust culture full of prose, poetry, and art. Their men were warriors as well as their women. The hairstyles of the Viking women range from a simple and practical knotted ponytail to an intricate crown of braids.

The video below shows us a few ways the women of the Viking era wore their hair. We get this information from how the women were depicted in Viking art, as well as some well-preserved bog bodies of Viking women that have been found over the years.

Go ahead and watch the fascinating video, and see how the women of the Viking era did their hair! Who knows, maybe you’ll get inspired to wear the Viking look today!

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