Civil War-Era Home May Look Traditional On The Outside, But Step Inside And You’re Transported To A Different Time

They often say that you can’t judge a book by its cover. Although it is often said about people, it can also be said about houses in some cases. A good example is this 2 and a half story home in Thornwood, New York. It looks perfectly normal on the outside but once you look inside, you see it has a different story to tell.

When you step inside the home, you are suddenly taken back to a different time. You will see plenty of old statues, paintings, and dolls, all set in the Victorian era.

This Civil War-era home is selling for $1.325 million, but you will have to have a very specific taste to sign on the dotted line. “It will take you back to many, many, many years ago,” Rajeev Chennattu, the realtor who holds the listing, told TODAY Home.

According to Chennattu, the owners are a husband and wife with grown children. Not surprisingly, they own an antique business and have customized the home ‘to their liking’ over the past 20 years.

As soon as you walk into the home, you will find a staircase with burgundy carpeting, antique statues and old paintings with antique frames.

In another room, you will find a large collection of porcelain dolls. It is unique, if not a little creepy.

Even the bathrooms are full of Victorian decor, from the wallpaper to the light fixtures and right down to the covers for the toilet seats.

Even if the decor is not to your liking, you are sure to love the bones. The home is close to 4,000 square feet with 6 bedrooms, 6 bathrooms, fireplaces, high ceilings, and an outdoor pool.

You might also appreciate the 2 story barn on the property that is a throwback from when it was an actual farm, known as ‘Rolling Hills Farm and Barn’

“It’s a nice, cool, unique place that could be brought back to life,” Chennattu said about the farm.

You can check out the listing for more pictures.

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