This Couple Lives Like They’re From The Victorian Era

There are many things that we love about the Victorian era. The design, the fashion, the etiquette. However, we don’t necessarily love it so much that we’d want to live that life day in and day out. The same cannot be said for Sarah and Gabriel Chrisman from Port Townsend, WA.

They truly have done away with all modern devices, down to the very last detail. Only fountain pens for these folks! And that’s true dedication considering Sarah is a writer.

The couple has electricity, but they use it sparingly. They say that a few houses were equipped with electricity during the Victorian era, so it still fits in with their lifestyle. However, Gabriel says they really only use it for lighting when guests come over.

Even their transportation is era-appropriate. Gabriel says he loves his bike, and that it is about as tall as if he were to ride a horse. The couple clearly has a passion for the Victorian era, but they say they have another motive for living their life the way they do.

“I think a lot of people have something that they really want to do, deep in their heart, but they don’t because they’re afraid of what everyone else will say,” Sarah explains. “So part of what we do is we try to set an example to people that, whatever your dreams are, they are possible, so you should go for them.”

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