Vermont Will Pay You Up To $7,500 To Move There

Some people get a strange desire to move up north during the Christmas season when the popular movies show the beautiful white scenery. If you have been thinking about packing it up and moving up north, there may be 7500 reasons to do so. According to My NBC, the state of Vermont is now offering up to $7500 for people to move to the Green Mountain State.

The Vermont legislature signed The New Worker Relocation Grant Program into law recently. That law is attempting to attract new workers to Vermont in order to expand the workforce. Since the financial burden of relocating is reduced, it may just work out to their benefit.

If you agree to become a full-time resident of Vermont and an employee in the state as of January 1, 2020, you can apply for the program. The program allows for the reimbursement of moving costs, including first month’s rent, lease deposits, moving equipment, shipping, moving company bills, and even the closing costs if you purchase a primary residence. The program’s FAQ section shows it is also possible to get reimbursement for job related expenses that your employer doesn’t cover. This could include “connectivity, specialized tools and equipment, and co-working space membership fees.”

“Our hope is this is a catalyst,” Lindsay Kurrle, secretary of the Vermont Agency of Commerce and Community Development, told NECN. “There are just not enough people in the pipeline here in our state.”

Vermont is the least populated state in New England. They have been dealing with a low unemployment rate and an aging population which makes it hard for empty positions to be filled by employers. Vermont has tried to bring new residents to the state in the past, including a similar program that was started in 2019. The program offered to reimburse moving costs of up to $10,000 over the course of two years for those who moved to Vermont and worked remotely.

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