Some States Are Recognizing Grocery Store Employees As ‘Emergency Workers’

Vermont and Minnesota have decided to step up to the plate and make an awesome decision. They are both going to be classifying their grocery store employees as emergency personnel during the pandemic crisis. The work that they are doing in the midst of the outbreak is invaluable. Firefighters, first response teams, and healthcare workers are also included.

Minnesota Governor Tim Walz was responsible for signing this executive order. Stock personnel, deli staff, and cashiers are now being recognized for their incredible contributions. Without these workers, Americans would have nowhere else to turn during this crisis. Other industries have been forced to shut down in the meantime and many workers are now being asked to report from home.

Childcare must be provided to these grocery store workers so that they are able to remain solvent and do their jobs in the meantime. After all, expecting these workers to shell out for childcare and still be able to pay their own bills is a big ask. The Minnesota Grocers Association is incredibly appreciative of Governor Walz and the assistance that he has so generously provided.

Vermont is also going to be following in Minnesota’s footsteps and will be taking care of their workers in the same way. It is heartwarming to see these states taking the necessary steps to make sure that grocery store workers are properly taken care of at this time. These are not easy jobs even under normal circumstances and we cannot imagine how challenging they are right now. People tend to lose their sense of morality in crisis situations.

These workers are still going to be on the front lines of the crisis, making sure that we are able to continue feeding our families. The services that they provide are invaluable and must be treated as such. Companies are also working to help them find all of the resources that they need to remain on the job and receive the help that they need if they fall ill.

UberEats and DoorDash are offering their drivers paid sick leave if need be as well. Even Starbucks is making sure that its workers remain well taken care of. Catastrophe pay is going to be offered to any Starbucks employee that is unable to make it to work because of the current circumstances. Kudos to all of these states and organizations for being willing to do the right thing for their employees.

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