Treat Your Valentine’s Day Date With Rose Petals And White Tablecloths At Waffle House

Every single time I visit my cousins in Georgia, I always end up going to waffle house at 2 in the morning. I make sure to order two scrambled eggs, a waffle, bacon, and hashbrowns (scattered, covered, and smothered).

Once I found out that Waffle House was getting into the ‘mood’ for Valentine’s Day I contemplated getting tickets to visit my cousin next week. I mean, could you imagine getting your hashbrowns in the shape of a heart?!

Valentine’s Day is the only night of the year that Waffle House accepts reservations, a tradition dating back 12 years. More than 200 restaurants across 22 states participate in the annual event.

It isn’t your typical night at waffle house – they make sure to set the mood by dimming the lights, rolling out white table cloths and even throwing in some rose petals for your Valentine’s Day Date. A special menu will include a couple’s meal that includes both drinks and pie, according to NBC 12.

Make sure to get your reservations at Waffle House ASAP before it books up!

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