Americans Get More Excited About Valentine’s Day Than Christmas, New Survey Claims

According to new research, over four out of five Americans are excited about Valentine’s Day. In fact, they are more excited about Valentine’s Day than Christmas.

81% of the 2000 Americans polled in this survey said they were excited about Valentine’s Day. Only 68% of the same group of Americans were excited about Christmas.

Valentine’s Day used to be a holiday for lovers. But today, people celebrate it with their children, pets, or anyone else they are in a relationship with. 56% of those questioned said that Valentine’s Day was a way to show appreciation to anyone they loved.

OnePoll worked alone with Zulily to conduct the survey. The habits of those celebrating Valentine’s Day showed that the date is no longer all about romance.

28% of those polled said that they would not be celebrating Valentine’s Day with a significant other, but would be with their pet. 51% were planning on celebrating the holiday with their kids.

59% of those questioned said that they would be spending the day with their closest friends.

Another question was in regards to how people would be showing their appreciation and love to others on February 14. Gifts were bought by 64% for both people and pets, and 75% said they would be cooking a good dinner.

One of the more surprising facts discovered by the poll is that 33% of Americans would be taking off work on February 14.

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“We see our millions of customers using gift-giving and shared experiences to connect with their modern, ‘chosen’ family, as a way to express their love, gratitude, and appreciation this Valentine’s Day,” said the trend and fashion expert from Zulily, Claire Magruder, according to the NY Post.

It seems as if a card or candy is no longer the only way to celebrate Valentine’s Day. People are now going out with friends or staying home for a delicious, homemade meal.

On average, $50 will be spent by each American for purchasing a Valentine’s Day gift. Approximately 20% will spend over $100.

67% of those surveyed said they would buy gifts using the Instagram followers of their loved ones. 25% felt that it was appropriate to post about celebrating Valentine’s Day with their friends on social media.

Some of the more coveted gifts for Valentine’s Day are both practical and fun. 51% of Americans are looking for movie or television-inspired gear. 44% were looking for robot vacuums and other household items, and 37% were looking for a new sweater.

One of the top gift picks was diapers, with 31% saying that they would appreciate receiving some love in that manner.

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“Showing someone you care doesn’t need to blow your budget – for Valentine’s Day, it’s all about showing your loved ones you listen to them,” said Magruder, according to the NY Post. “For example, if your partner hates to vacuum, delight them with a robot vacuum. If your bestie loves to entertain, then a new tablescape accessory may be the perfect gift.”

“I also love a handwritten note on a homemade card – it’s straight from the heart. What’s most important to remember, appreciation can take more forms than just flowers!”

Regardless of how you choose to celebrate Valentine’s Day, if you are like 69% of those 2000 Americans, you will be saying ‘I love you’ more on February 14 than any other day this year.

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