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Video: He Saw Her Classmates Reject Her On Valentine’s Day, So He Stopped Lunch To Make A Statement

This story originally appeared at American Web Media by Robert Winthrop.

Valentine’s Day is often a beautiful day filled with love and happiness, but it can also be filled with disappointment and sadness. In school, kids are asked to bring a treat or card for everyone in their class. Sadly, some kids have less wholesome intentions, even hurtful intentions.

Middle-schooler Aislinn Bowermaster was excited for Valentine’s Day at her school. The 12-year-old sweetly asked her mother for help baking heart-shaped cookies for all of her classmates. Her mother, Kristin, was more than happy to oblige, staying up late with her daughter to craft the perfect cookies.

Watch the video to see how it all unfolds!

Aislinn arrived at school the next day, super excited to share her cookies with everyone in her class. The excitement quickly turned to sadness when she realized that none of her classmates brought a Valentine for her in exchange. She was heartbroken, unable to understand why all of the other students treated her so unfairly.

The day became worse when other students began to bully her about her weight as a reason why they didn’t give her a Valentine. It’s sad when other children don’t have the same sense of loving and kindness as someone like Aislinn.

She refused to go back to class and went home to cry in her mother’s arms. Kristin was heartbroken, too, sad that her daughter’s classmates had been so cruel. Aislinn refused to come out of her room, and Kristin knew she had to do something for her daughter.

Kristin shared the store with a family member, Isaiah. Isaiah took it upon himself to make up for the cruelty that Aislinn experienced that day at school. He promised that he’d surprise Aislinn. He began making plans to surprise her at school.

Aislinn went back to school to those same kids who’d been so mean to her. Soon, Isaiah walked into the lunchroom and met Aislinn with a wonderful surprise – flowers and a huge teddy bear!

The surprise brought a smile to Aislinn’s face, and hopefully, Isaiah’s selfless actions will show these cruel students how a real human being acts towards another. It’s amazing how an act of kindness can bring joy and happiness.


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