Don’t Throw Out “Ruined” Tights – Use Them Around the House

Back in the old days nothing was wasted. With more and more products easily at our disposal it can seem like there is a never ending stream of broken things to be thrown away. But, if you’re savvy enough you can usually get a few more uses from many damaged items. This even true of something as delicate as tights and pantyhose. Read on to find some new uses for hosiery that’s not fit to wear anymore.

12) Draft Catcher

Stuff one leg of a pair of tights or hose, tying off the ends, and use it as a draft catcher under a door.

11) Make Your Own Hair Ties

Using either tights or pantyhose, simply cut across the legs of hose in strips. Even a child’s pair of tights can yield quite a few ponytail holders this way! If you haven’t seen they sell hair elastics like these prepackaged in the hair section of the drugstore, so this is not one of those projects that will “look” homemade.

10) Finders Keepers

Use the foot of a pair of tights on the end of the vacuum hose to keep something lost (like an earring) from getting sucked into the dirt trap.

9) No More Slipping

Cut the waist band off and use it to keep the trash bag from slipping down into the trash can- like a garter for the trash bag!

8) Onion-y Fresh

Use a leg to store onions to keep them dry and fresh for a long time in the pantry. Tie off after each onion to keep them separated and hang up. It takes less space than a bowl and keeps the onions ready to use.

7) Wrapping Wrapper

Use section of tights leg to keep wrapping paper from unrolling without making a big dent in the middle of the roll.

6) Toy Wash “Bag”

Small toys (like Lego or Polly Pocket) can be washed in the top rack of the dishwasher in a tied off section of tights.

5) Make a Bug Catcher

Use a bit of pantyhose material with a ring top on a jar to make a safe bug catcher that won’t kill the insects inside.

4) Make a Sachet

Use old sections of nylons filled with potpourri or moth balls for the closet. Small sachets can also be placed inside stinky shoes for a fresher smell. Fill these sachets with lemon peel and/ or cotton balls with essential oil on them.

3) Homemade Filter

A bit of nylon on the end of the spray bottle tube keeps the mechanism from getting clogged with homemade cleaning solutions.

2) Fabulous Easter Eggs

At Easter pantyhose can be used to dye eggs in special patterns. Place a leaf around the egg and inside the pantyhose, the thinner denier the better. The hose hold the leaf (or flower or other object) close to the egg and that part will remain un-dyed, while the rest of the egg will pick up the color when placed in a dye bath. Bonus DIY points for using yellow onion skins or other natural dyes.

1) Blanket Roll

Tie rolled up blankets or other unwieldy items with the waist band of a pair of tights.

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