Nifty Ways To Reuse Old Eyeglass Cases

This story originally appeared at Spotlight by Hamza Shahzad.

creative uses for old eyeglasses cases

If you’re someone who has a set of old eyeglasses or frames cases hanging around, then we have some wonderful tips for you to repurpose them in useful ways you might not have previously thought to do.

SewVeryEasy’s Laura Ann Coia knows what it’s like to keep a pair of old glasses and frames cases around doing nothing but collecting dust over the years. She usually prefers the hardcover cases over the soft ones as they protect her glasses, sunglasses and her purse. Here are some of the best ways to reuse all glass cases as Laura has shown:

Holding crayons: old eyeglass cases can be great for holding crayons if you have children to protect them from being broken.

Paper and pens: ideal for school teachers or those who have plenty of papers to sign.

Manicure sets: Now you have a readily accessible storage area for your cuticle oil and removers, hand lotions, and oils as well as other manicure supplies.

Hold small rotary cutters: This is ideal for those who prefer quilting, sewing or making papercrafts.

Keep big pin cushions: the big domed cases are excellent for carrying pincushions whether one is traveling or is keeping them in their own sewing room. And because the dome is big enough, the pins will stay protected even if the case topples over.

Storing sewing pins: another ideal solution for those who like to sew or quilt. This is so sewing pins don’t end up sticking through a soft container.

Storing sewing tools: eyeglass cases are excellent for storing sewing equipment such as scissors, thimbles and a customized pincushion. Not to mention, it has a nice presentation.

Carry cosmetics and jewelry: a convenient way to keep your aesthetically-pleasing looks in check.

First-aid kits: just like the cover open and take out whatever pill, lotion or bandage that you may require to treat minor bruises or injuries.

Stores little sewing kits: some cases are generous enough to store entire tiny sewing kits. Not only does it look nice but it also gives everything clean.

These are some of the handful of ideas that you can use to repurpose your old eyeglasses or frame cases. Perhaps this video will inspire you to come up with your own ideas to store your belongings.

Watch below for the full tutorial of her great ideas to repurpose a simple old phone case into something useful.

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