Confuse Your Guests With This Upside Down Wine Glass

There is nothing quite like pulling a prank on a friend, especially if it doesn’t take a lot of effort to do it. Would you believe that one of the best pranks is as simple as drinking a glass of wine? The secret is, you have to drink it upside down.

This unique invention is available for $15 on Amazon and is known as The Upside Down Wineglass. It may resemble a traditional wineglass but you pour the wine into the stem, making it appear that you’re drinking from the bottom of the glass. Your friends will wonder why wine isn’t spilling everywhere.

Photo: Amazon

If you want to take this joke to the next level, pour some red wine and have a seat on their white sofa.

Aside from the fact that the 11-inch glass looks great, it can almost hold a full 750 mL bottle at once! In other words, it’s more than just a great prank, it’s a great way to enjoy a bottle of wine. We can’t say much about the taste of the wine, because that is up to you and your palate but for a good laugh, this joke is a great choice.

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