Five Brilliant Ways To Upcycle Cheap Michael’s Crates

If you’ve ever been into Michael’s craft store (or Hobby Lobby, or Ben Franklin, or any craft store, for that matter), you’ve probably seen these unfinished wooden crates. Sure, they are cute and full of potential, but what exactly can you do with them? Maybe you’ve even picked a few up since they are usually pretty cheap, but you have no idea what to do with them now. Well, you’re in luck! We’ve got some super cute and clever ideas for you below!

1. Entry Way Bench

This is so cute and practical, not to mention easy! The trifecta of DIY projects. You’ll need two crates and two pieces of plywood. Start by adding wheels to the bottom, if you desire, and then attach the two crates to the first piece of plywood using wood glue. Then, top it with the second piece of plywood and paint it however you want! Add in some fabric drawers if you like, and a few pillows, and you’re in business!

2. Rolling Foot Stool

Do you have a chair that needs a cute little foot stool? We’ve got you covered! Simply paint the crate however you want, add wheels to make it prtable for easy storage, and find a cute pillow case. Grab an overstuffed pillow and fold it in half, fitting it inside of the pillow case. Place the pillow inside of the crate, and voilà!

3. Storage Cart

How cute is this? If you’re looking for a little extra kitchen space, or a craft organizer, or really, just need a portable storage unit, this is the DIY for you! Using a hammer, carefully remove the first two pieces of wood from the front of three crates. Paint however you wish and add wheels to the bottom crate. Stack crates and secure with wood glue. That’s it!

Watch the video below for even more cute crate ideas!

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