You Can Now Take A Nap At The Office With An Under-Desk Hammock

Most people aren’t going to want to hear this, but it’s time to put away your coffee habit and start taking a nap once a day.

Who has time for a nap you ask? Well, a company has created the Under Desk Hammock so you can take an afternoon snooze while at the office.

The company behind the massively successful Uplift Desk designed the hammock to attach to the brand’s standing desk. Once you start to feel tired, all you need to do is clip the hammock onto the brand’s sturdy UPLIFT V2 Frame using the included carabiners.

Photo: Uplift Desk

Although your boss won’t be too keen on your taking a nap in the middle of the day, it creates a comfortable spot to lay back and go over emails on your laptop.

When you’re done you can just pack it up and store it for later use (or the next day).

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