The Most Unbelievable Home Locations

You know what they say about real estate – it’s all about location, location, location! Well, today we have a list of the strangest places people decided to build their homes. After all, why live in a suburban cul de sac when you could build a miniature home on a busy street sidewalk? Or live in a tree? Here are some of the weirdest places people chose to live!

Sidewalk Egg

Yup, you read that right. This… unusual domicile was built by a struggling architect. He managed to make a small bedroom equipped with solar panels that provide enough energy for a light and a computer. The man covered the outside of his home with packets of grass seed, and soon the egg-like home will be completely covered in grass. The real mystery is how he got the authorities to let him set up shop on a random street!

Tree House

The Korowai tribe in Papua New Guinea have been building these massive tree houses high up in the jungle for centuries. It is the best protection from preditors and has been their way of life for many generations. Fun fact – the Korowai tribe only made contact with the outside world in 1974!

House of Stone

No, you won’t find the Flintstones here in this house carved from actual boulders, but you will find a surprisingly quaint and cozy home. Located in Portugal, the stone house used to be a vacation home, but in now serves as a museum.

Underground Home

This architect began building his underground home back in the 80s, in the Chzech Republic. Amazingly enough, he put his entire house on a platform that can move the house up or down, and even swivel around!

Crashed Airplane

If you ever get the desire to spend the night in a crashed Boeing 747 deep in the heart of the Costa Rican jungle, you’re in luck. One such plane was converted into a bed and breakfast, and it’s surprisingly chic and modern!

Cliff Hanger Monestary

This incredible feat of architecture was built in 491 AD! Not only is it absolutely beautiful (if not a little terrifying), but the structure has held up over the hundreds of years it’s been around. Architects today are in absolute awe of how this was done!

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