6 Unassuming Mansions Worth A Lot More Than They Look

In the age of cookie-cutter houses and McMansions, and unique and creative house holds a lot of interest! These mansions may look plain and even drab on the outside, but you’ll be totally blown away by what they hold on the inside. As the saying goes, don’t judge a book by its cover. Check out these spectacular mansions in the list below!

Underground Mansion

This small, unassuming, white building used to be a storefront. It sure doesn’t look like much on the outside, but the inside is worth about 2.5 million dollars. Yes, you read that right!

As you can see, the majority of this mansion is underground, and full of all the modern day luxuries. Incredible!

Rock Mansion

A couple purchased this house for $300,000 back in 2015, and have since made a moder day marvel out of the space. Each window on the front of the house is actually a sliding glass door! All of the water in this mansion comes from the natural springs in the rock formation. They even have walls completely made from the natural rock. Truly, this house is every nature lover’s dream!

Survival Condos

These survival condos don’t look like much on the outside – especially considering they are worth $1.5 million to $4.5 million dollers per unit. However, each level of this structure is furnished with full amenities and luxurious furniture. These condos are equipped with everything the buyers will need to survive underground for 5 years! This includes food as well as access to top secret communication, weapon and combat training, among other survival skills training.

Golden Mansion

Ok, so this one looks like a legit mansion, but nothing can prepare you for the absolute luxury coated on the inside. This mansion has seven stories underground, each one more immaculate than the last. The library has walls made of crushed red velvet, while the massive walk-in closet has a wall painted in gold.

Green House

At first, all you see of this incredible home is two hills with what looks like small houses nestled inside. However, a little change of perspective shows you the back of this house – complete with a rain water pool heated by geothermal heating. The rest of the house is also heated with geothermal heating, and the windows are double plated and designed to keep emissions out of the house. With solar pannels and a rain eater collection system, this house is truly… living off the land.

Underground Oasis

This small, unassuming brick structure is home to four underground levels, located inside the dome in the middle of the huge above ground yard. The tunnel provides natural lighting to all four floors. This incredible home sold for $3.5 million dollars!

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