Hilarious Photos Of Ugly Bridesmaid’s Dresses Throughout The Decades

We like to think our taste in fashion is timeless. That we were always at the peak of trendy and glamorous. However, when looking at photos from the past, it’s easy to see that wasn’t always the case. The 60s, 70s, and 80s had a special kind of fashion sense; one that lives on in our hearts, but maybe shouldn’t be worn ever again.

These bridesmaid’s dresses really drive the point home. Nothing reflects the times like a wedding – a full-on celebration of love, complete with the most “fashionable” clothing of the time. Case in point… what’s going on the picture above? Looks like a nice assortment of pastels complete with floppy hats for all – including the bride!

Ah, the 80s. What a time to be alive. Those shoulders sure have a lot of poof and padding! And let’s not forget about the strange headbands that everyone is wearing. Plus, why are the bridesmaid’s dresses black in the picture above? An odd choice of color for what is supposed to be one of the happiest days of your life!

Who doesn’t look good in baby puke green? Oh, wait. Pretty much everyone. Plus, those floral patterns… just gold. Pure gold.

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