Uber Eats And DoorDash Update Their Strategies To Keep People Safe

DoorDash and Uber Eats are modifying their services in the way they accept payment from customers as well as adjusting how people work for them. Some of these adjustments may include offering sick leave to drivers, waiving delivery fees, and allowing customers to ask for additional delivery options.

Some of it can be reviewed on the Uber website dedicated to the COVID-19 Resources and Updates. Every change that is being made by the company is outlined on that page. It includes 14 days of paid financial assistance to delivery people and drivers affected by the coronavirus outbreak. There is also a section on the app where customers can write if they want the orders put outside the door so that contact is minimized.

In an effort to help businesses that are closing or those who are only offering take out, for the time being, Uber is helping. For more than 100,000 independent restaurants in the United States and Canada, they will be waving delivery fees. On top of that, same-day payouts are now being offered for any Uber Eats restaurant that wants it to make sure they get paid.

DoorDash is also putting some new rules in place for drivers to keep them safe. They are also implementing rules to help those who order through their app. If a driver happens to be impacted by coronavirus, an online form can be filled out that allows for financial assistance while they are out of work.

Sanitation supplies are also in the process of being shipped to DoorDash drivers, especially if they are working in a high-risk area. A default no contact option will be offered when ordering through that service to help keep the customer and the driver safe.

Now that many smaller businesses are closing and independent restaurants in the United States are under pressure, it is free to sign up with DoorDash and Caviar. The restaurant will also pay no commissions for the first 30 days. In addition to all of those benefits, DoorDash is teaming up with different charities to help those in need, including food banks in Chicago and California.

Both of those delivery companies are dedicated to keeping up with the coronavirus outbreak to keep employees and customers safe and to serve them to their full potential.

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