Two Unique Fall Wreath Projects Using A Bike And A Bundt Pan

We don’t know about you, but one thing we love about the changing of the seasons is the changing of decor around the house! There are so many fun DIY projects that help ring in whatever season is now upon us. Right now, we’re all about the fall projects! We won’t lie – fall is our favorite season to decorate for. The colors are so beautiful and homey, and we just can’t get enough. In that same spirit, we have two fun and unique wreath projects for you. Go ahead and keep reading to get inspired for your next DIY!

Bike Wheel Wreath

Isn’t this just the cutest? If you’re going for a rustic look this year, we’ve got you covered! First things first. You’ll need to find an old bike – probably at Goodwill, or maybe you have one collecting dust in your garage. Once you have the bike, remove the wheel and the rubber, leaving just the metal frame and spokes.

Next, spray paint the wheel whatever color matches your other decor. Once dry, begin adding in floral accents, pumpkins, pinecones, cotton tufts, and whatever other fall items your heart desires! We think you’ll agree, this turned out so cute!

Bundt Pan Wreath

How adorable is this little pumpkin wreath? Start by painting your budnt pan with a base coat of white. Once dry, paint a layer of orange. While the paint is still wet, use a Q-tip to follow the lines of the bundt pan, adding texture and depth.

Next, add a ribbon and secure the sides so it is flush with the pan by sinching the sides together with a safety pin. Then start adding some florals, as well as a stick for the stem. Hang the wreath on your door and admire your handiwork!

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