There’s About To Be A Twinkies Cereal And Mornings Just Got Sweeter

Just a few years ago, it was tough to find Twinkies at all. The popular Hostess treat has since made quite the comeback recently.

And soon, you won’t have much trouble finding Twinkies, especially first thing in the morning. In a new partnership between Post and Hostess, the popular sweet treat you know and love is becoming a breakfast cereal.

I mean, we love Twinkies in their regular form, so why not? And it’s definitely not the first time treats we love have made a breakfast-time appearance. Remember Peeps cereal? How could you forget.

Twinkies is pretty much an anytime food to begin with, right?

You can eat them anytime of day or for a late-night treat. Now you can have them in the morning without the guilt! It might be a breakfast addition we didn’t know we needed, but that doesn’t mean it won’t deliver the goods. If you weren’t a morning person, now you have a brand-new reason to get out of bed. Twinkies in your bowl. Twinkies in your belly.

OK, OK. It might be a bit much at breakfast time, but honestly? Most breakfast cereals are a bit sugary, and we love ’em for it. When it comes to Twinkies in the morning, we say, why the heck not?

To find out more check out the video.

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