You Can Get A Heated ‘Turkey Pillow’ Like The One From Friends

My favorite show in the world is ‘Friends‘ and my favorite episode is the Thanksgiving episode, “The One With All the Thanksgivings”. In my opinion, NBC should air it every year as a special around Thanksgiving. If you aren’t familiar with the episode, it shows flashbacks from previous Thanksgiving episodes with both Monica and Joey getting turkeys stuck on their heads.

To celebrate the best episode of television and all things friends-giving, Firebox is selling a heated Thanksgiving turkey pillow that looks exactly like the one Monica used as a face mask to try to cheer Chandler up.

All you have to do is put it in your microwave for about a minute and boom, you can cuddle it all night long on a cold winter night (while watching the episode of course).

Photo Firebox

This isn’t like one of those ‘it gets kinda warm’ pillow, it apparently throws off some major heat. The product description claims it will stay warm for two hours after a one minute zap in the microwave. Oh, and the pillow isn’t scented with anything although it would be nice if it smelled like Thanksgiving dinner.

For only $26 you can get your hands on this pillow before it’s too late!

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