‘Turkey On The Table’ Is The Thanksgiving Version Of Elf On A Shelf

Thanksgiving means many things to different people but foremost, it has to do with getting together with family and eating lots of food. It’s a day when we tend to talk about what we appreciate in life and there is a reminder we can put in front of us every year, the Thanksgiving turkey. I’m not talking about the actual bird, I’m talking about Turkey on the Table.

Turkey on the Table is a unique Thanksgiving stuffed animal that has 13 double-sided feathers and a marker included. You put the turkey on the table and your Thanksgiving guests write on one of the feathers something that they are grateful for. The feathers are then put back in the turkey, giving him that signature turkey look. There is even a book included about giving gratitude.

Families may choose to use the toy in different ways and there are various ideas on how you might make it a Thanksgiving tradition. The feathers could be handed out when the guests come to your home and then added to the turkey when the feather is complete. Some also put the feathers on the plates at each seat at the dinner table. Yet another idea is to allow the entire month of November to be about gratitude. Put the turkey out a few weeks before Thanksgiving arrives and the family can begin adding feathers with different gratitude items throughout the month until the turkey is fully prepared for Thanksgiving.

Two mothers are behind the company that created Turkey on the Table, April George, and Kerry Maunus. “Our goal was to turn ‘thankfulness’ into an activity, focusing on the things we have, and not the things we don’t,” they explain on their site. “A thankful heart is a happy heart!”

It isn’t just a cute idea, it’s a way to give back as well. Every time a Turkey on the Table kit is purchased, 10 meals are delivered to those in need via Feeding America, a nonprofit that works with a network of food banks, shelters, and food kitchens.

This is a great tradition that you may want to get started at your home as well. The turkey can be refilled every year with replacement feathers. They come in a number of patterns, including paisley, confetti, and a chevron/polka dot. The kids can also get busy coloring in the feathers to keep them occupied during the meal as well.

Aside from the gratitude and giving back, the stuffed animal turkey is also a centerpiece that looks great on the table. It can even be used as seasonal decor throughout November. Think Elf on the Shelf for Thanksgiving.

If you would like to have Turkey on the Table for yourself, be sure that you place your order by November 22, 2019, so it is delivered by Thanksgiving.

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