Japanese Stationary Company Invents Transparent Eraser So You Can See What You’re Erasing

You may not know this but an English engineer named Edward Nairne develop the first eraser in 1770. It is one of the more popular writing implements and has gone through a number of changes over the years. Perhaps one of the flaws in this unique item is an inability to see what is being erased. Thanks to Seed, a Japanese stationery company, that issue is no longer a problem.

Photo: Seed

Seed has been making erasers since the 1950s and this new concept was born about five years ago. In order to develop the perfect clear eraser that wouldn’t crumble when it was being used, a lot of development was necessary. Thanks to the clear rubber material, pencil lines can be erased with precision making it ideal for artists. The transparent eraser is dubbed Clear Radar and it is now available in Japan in stationery stores.

Seed, a Japanese stationery brand designed a transparent eraser so you can see what you’re rubbing out.

Photo: Seed

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