Transparent Bubble Camping Tent Lets You Sleep Under The Stars

Camping is a great way to get close to nature and to see some of the beauty that it has to offer. You can now take things to the next level with this transparent bubble tent. You can set it up anywhere and enjoy more of the sites and scenery while you are out in the wilderness. Bubble tents are sold by HUKOER and bubble and other retailers on Amazon and now that you know about it, you know you need one for yourself.

Photo: Amazon

Quiet air blowing through the tent with a filtration system makes these the perfect option for any weather. The continuous circulation of fresh air inside of the tent will reduce humidity and make inflating the tent easy.

The tents are about 10 feet in diameter and it takes five minutes to inflate one. The tents are also equipped with a blow to keep the air ongoing so the tents stay inflated while in use.

Photo: Amazon

There are two sections to the tent, a living quarters and a separate area that is the entryway.

You can keep shoes and other items in the entryway and out of the main living space.

Photo: Amazon

You don’t have to go off on a weekend hike to enjoy the bubble tent. You can even set it up in your backyard!

If you’d like to take things to the next level above the bubble tent, you can visit the resort on Baa Atoll in the Maldives to enjoy their UNESCO-protected biosphere reserve.

It is known as ‘the experience sphere’ and it sits on a secluded area of sand, equipped with a transparent bubble alcove and a shower. It may just be the trip of a lifetime.

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