These Charming Old Trailers Remind of Us the Good Old Days

How many of us remember going on long car trips with our parents – camper trailer in tow where we would all sleep each night? Those were some great times when family vacations were simple, maybe even a bit cramped, but so much fun! It wasn’t until the 1930s and later that cars really had the power to haul heavy trailers long distances. And once they could a whole culture of trailer dwelling rose up.

For those with limited means or a migrant lifestyle, trailer living meant a modern (if small) home at a reasonable price, able to take them wherever they needed to go. And the designs: some of these trailers were just wonderful to look at with their quirky trimmings or streamlined exteriors. There were even mobile shops on trailers which travel with the seasons. Have a look at the beginning of the so-called “trailer age” in the video below.

The Airstream trailer has a fascinating history: Click “Next Page” below!

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