How Much Do Trader Joe’s Employee Make?

When was the last time you visited Trader Joe’s? It’s an absolute delight to walk down the aisles and it’s no wonder people continue to go back week after week. Most of us swear by Trader Joe’s and we wouldn’t be quite as much of a home chef without what they have to offer.

As we stand in the checkout line at Trader Joe’s, we might think about the inexpensive prices which are good for us, but how good is the company to its employees? A recent report by Business Insider shows that the grocery store is doing a good job at keeping its employees happy.

Trader Joe’s has in the neighborhood of 488 stores in the United States. The amount that they pay their employees differs depending upon the location but it seems like a good working environment overall. Self-reports from Glassdoor show that 84% of Trader Joe’s employees would recommend working for the company. They also get 10% off of groceries, which is a considerable savings.

One Trader Joe’s representative gave a statement to Business Insider and said: “In general, we offer above minimum wage.” If the website is any indication, they also offer a 7-10% raise each year and employees are eligible for PTO and health care plan.

Not everything lines up perfectly between Glassdoor and PayScale as far as salaries are concerned but here is a brief overview:

The people who walk around the store and help you are known as Trader Joe’s meets. They may bring home anywhere from $18-$30 per hour, depending upon where the store is located. If you are a store captain, you are essentially a manager and you make anywhere from $88,086-$111,767 annually.

Crewmembers will make anywhere from $11 up to $20 per hour, depending on location. Both PayScale and Glassdoor claim that the average salary is $14-$15 per hour.

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