Trader Joe’s Is Selling Cocoa Cream Liqueur That’s Basically Adult Chocolate Milk

If you are anything like us, you probably appreciate a simple cocktail. They are an easy drink to order and they do not come with the usual hassles. However, there are other drink choices to enjoy during the holiday season. This is your chance to have the sort of beverage that you would not normally have the chance to consume. Trader Joe’s is here to help.

They are providing a liqueur that is sure to brighten up your holiday celebration. Seasonal booze is a great addition to any liquor cabinet. This is something that Trader Joe’s understands instinctively. TraderJoesObsessed is the Instagram user who discovered the new addition. Once they shared the cocoa cream option with their followers, word spread quickly.

Who wouldn’t want to take home some of this awesome liqueur for themselves? This is essentially chocolate milk with some alcohol in it but we are not seeing the downside. The only issue that we might have is with drinking it too quickly. These are the types of beverages that can be rather dangerous. Make sure that you are sipping as slowly as you possibly can.

The last thing that you want is a raging hangover because you decided to pound a whole bottle in one sitting. Invite some friends over and take time to share. Your brain will thank you later, for sure. If you check out the comment section on the original post, you are going to find some more awesome ideas. There are many who are already devising their perfect cocktails.

A beverage like this one could be mixed with a variety of other drinks. We just might take the advice of one commenter that offered up the perfect plan: mixing the cocoa cream with eggnog. Some have even elected to mix theirs with various seasonal lattes. The options are endless and we cannot wait to see how this pairs with our other liquors. It is time to put on our bartender hat and make some magic.

Best of all, this liqueur comes with a 14.75 percent ABV and can be had for just $7.99. Trader Joe’s has thought of everything and we are grateful for that. Your only problem now is finding enough shelf space, so that you can stock up on these bottles before they are all gone. In the meantime, we urge you to let others know about this awesome deal. They are going to want to get in on the fun, too.

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