Trader Joes Closed Some Of Their Stores Temporarily

Grocery stores are doing everything in their power to remain open, as the coronavirus pandemic continues to change the way that we do business. While many of these stores are still servicing customers on a daily basis, Trader Joe’s has decided to close its doors. Some of their locations are currently shuttered and they are looking to ensure the safety of their staffers and customers.

Eight locations have already been shut down over these concerns. Employees are being monitored, and any store with an employee that has a suspected or confirmed case of COVID-19 has been shut down. If you would like to remain up to date on these closings, Trader Joe’s is keeping an updated list on their website. Some of the locations that were already closed have been able to resume normal operation.

These stores are fully restocked and have been fully cleaned as well. Once the necessary steps are taken, Trader Joe’s plans on reopening all of their locations. At the current moment, locations in New Jersey, Manhattan, Maryland, and New York state are shut down. Trader Joe’s employees will continue to be paid for any scheduled shifts that they may have had before the stores were closed.

Kudos to this company for stepping up and doing the right thing, unlike so many others out there. There are a startling number of businesses that are expecting their employees to fend for themselves. Trader Joe’s does not believe in such policies and their employees will continue to be compensated while stores are closed. Each chain is taking the proper measures to make sure that their customers and employees are being kept safe, and extra cleaning procedures have already been implemented.

Shelf stocking is taking place on a frequent basis. Plastic shields have also been installed at the checkout counter, as a means of reducing human contact. Instacart is a valuable service at times like these as it allows the customer to stockpile all of their most important items without having to leave the house. There is a wide range of similar apps that provide the same services.

Be sure to monitor the grocery stores in your region. Many of these locations are going to be adjusting their hours and policies as the outbreak continues. Let’s all do our part to keep each other safe during these challenging times by staying indoors whenever possible, washing our hands frequently, and avoiding any sort of unnecessary socialization.

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